CHICAGO, IL. - Dynamic Automation, Inc. announces the success of an innovative precision gearing that works with standard machine screw, or long length threaded rods and adapts to rotary or linear motion applications.  According to design engineers and medical equipment manufacturers, this gear solved one of their toughest mechanical engineering problems, in a minimum available space. The Screw Gear has been used to drive artificial arms and legs, align lasers in the F16 fighter jets, calibrate X-rays, infrared cameras, and many other medical and industrial applications.
     Our patented Screw Gear technology have been used in robotic joint applications for artificial limbs. Its high precision allows for accurate adjustment of rotary and/or linear motions involved with the range of movement (ROM) of an artificial limb.
     This precision Screw Gear is available in a variety of standard sizes, or can be made to order for custom needs.  It is capable of fine adjustment and positive positioning at a cost considerably less than special order mating worms.
     Dynamic Automation, Inc. is an experienced engineering firm with many patents. It has successfully engineered and built specialty automated machines with complicated requirements for industry leading manufacturers.